Eligibility & Dependents

Eligibility and Dependents

Who is Eligible

  • Full-time permanent employees;

  • Part-time permanent employees who generally work at least 15 hours per week;

  • Limited-Term Grant-Funded contract positions that include funding for medical benefits are eligible to participate in the Cigna PPO and HMO health care plan only; and

  • Active Accessors and Judges (Circuit and District Court).


Eligible Dependents

Eligible dependents include: 

  • Your lawful spouse, as defined by the Federal Government; and

  • Children and stepchildren under the age of 26*. 


Verifying Dependents

If you want to add dependent(s) to your coverage, you must provide documentation to verify their eligibility as outlined in the chart below. 

Eligible DependentRequired Document(s)
Lawful spouse
  • Marriage certificate; AND
  • Social Security card
Natural born child
  • Birth certificate; AND
  • Social Security card
Guardianship (up to age 18)
  • Temporary or final guardianship order; AND
  • Social Security card 
Adoption (child is eligible at the time of placement)
  • Adoption decree or judgment
Adoption in a foreign country (child is eligible at the time of placement)
  • Birth certificate (certified and translated into English); AND
  • Adoption order (certified and translated into English)

All documents must be submitted to the OHRM Benefits and Pensions Division within 30 days of your date of hire, qualifying life event, or Open Enrollment. Unverified dependents will be dropped from coverage within 30 days of enrollment.

Complete the Dependent Verification Cover Form and send a copy of the required documentation:

  • Email: Benefits@co.pg.md.us

  • Fax: 301-883-6192

  • Mail or hand-deliver: 1400 McCormick Drive, Suite 245, Largo, MD 20774 

If you are a new employee, we strongly encourage you to bring the required documentation to the New Employee Orientation. 

*  Child(ren) includes a natural child; a stepchild; a legally adopted child or a child legally placed for adoption; a child under your legal guardianship. Children who are physically or mentally incapable of self-support as determined by medical certification may continue on your County coverage beyond the normal age limit if the disability continues and the child remains unmarried. The child must already be covered under the plan. You may be asked to provide certification of the child's disability every two to three years. Documentation must be on file prior to the child reaching the limiting age.