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Express Scripts, Inc. (ESI) is the prescription provider for all of Prince George's County employees.

  • Coverage is available at participating retail pharmacies
  • The plan has a mandatory generic requirement for brand medications that have a generic alternative.
  • Mandatory mail order requirement for all maintenance medications.

The health and well-being of employees is a priority in Prince George’s County Government. All of the benefits available to you reflect the County’s commitment to providing high-quality, affordable medical plans and represent a significant component of your total rewards. Access to prescription drugs is a vital part of our medical coverage. The County’s prescription drug benefit through Express Scripts has a mandatory home delivery program for all maintenance medications.

Maintenance medications are prescription drugs that you need to take regularly. Drugs that treat ongoing conditions or needs like asthma, diabetes, birth control, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and arthritis are usually considered maintenance medications. A maintenance medication can also be a drug that you take for three to six months and then discontinue. For example, an allergy medication that you take throughout the spring and summer could be considered a maintenance medication.

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Member Services: 1-800-711-0917

2022 Plan Documents2023 Plan Documents
2022 Express Scripts Summary of Benefits  (PDF)
2023 Express Scripts Summary of Benefits  (PDF)
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National Preferred Formulary List (PDF)
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Generics Brochure (PDF)
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Take Control of Your Prescription Plan (PDF) 
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Home Delivery Form (PDF)