Administration Division

The Administration Division directs and coordinates oversight of the activities necessary to administer the County’s human resources policies and operations, including:

  • Budget Formulation and Expenditure Analysis
  • Human Capital Management
  • Human Resources Policy Guidance, Interpretation and Advice
  • Internal Communications
  • Information Technology
  • Labor Negotiations
  • Legislation
  • Oversight of the various employee programs (Wellness, Disability Leave, and Return to Work)
  • Payroll Management
  • Procurement

The Division also provides centralized coordination and policy guidance for operating programs within the Agency, along with advising the County Executive, County Council and other County agencies on personnel policy and employment law.

Benefits Division

The Benefits Administration Division administers and manages health benefit programs for County employees and retirees including:  

  • Medical
  • Prescription Drug
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life Insurance
  • Short-term Disability
  • Long-term Disability
  • Voluntary Benefits
    • Enhanced Critical Illness 
    • Group Accident Insurance 
    • Whole Life Insurance 
    • Supplemental Dental
    • Legal Resources 
    • Legal Shield 

 The Division also manages the following Leave Programs:

  • Family Medical Leave (FML)
  • County Family Medical Leave (County FML)
  • Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)
  • Disability Leave

Employee & Labor Relations (ELR) Division

The Employee and Labor Relations Division provides a variety of human resource services to address the needs of County employees. The Division's responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Assisting with the interpretation of the County's personnel law, personnel procedures, and labor agreements 
  • Providing advice and guidance on matters involving corrective action, progressive discipline, performance management, and employee conduct
  • Overseeing collective bargaining and labor disputes
  • Managing employee grievances and the appeal process 
  • Facilitating voluntary mediation 
  • Monitoring Language Access
  • Assisting with Occupational Medical Services

Pensions & Retirement Services Division

The Pensions and Retirement Services Division is responsible for the administration and management of the County’s four (4) comprehensive public safety and seven (7) supplemental defined benefit plans. These plans cover more than 6,000 active employees and 5,000 retirees. In addition, the Division has oversight of the more than $2 billion in invested assets and the County’s voluntary defined contribution plan. The Division provides educational opportunities to assist employees in making informed decisions about their retirement options.

People Operations Division

The People Operations Division provides resources, guidance, and strategy to support key aspects of the County Government employee experience, including Onboarding and Engagement, Learning and Development, Performance Management, Policy and Strategy Management, and Records Management across the following three key teams: 

  1. Core HR Team
  2. Human Resources Service Management Unit (Records Management, Policy and Strategic Planning, and Systems Administration)
  3. Learning, Performance and Organizational Development Team

The Division focuses on managing the employee experience through a focus on operational excellence to create intentionally designed processes and policies to address the following key areas: 

  • Strengthen the County workforce by creating development opportunities that attract, develop, motivate, and retain employees 
  • Provide a connected HR experience for County employees through strong internal administrative processes and procedures  
  • Develop personnel policies that support the success of County employees by providing clear guidance, support, and resources for Agencies to develop high-performing talent

The Office of Talent Management & Acquisition

The Office of Talent Management and Acquisition (OTMA) is dedicated to recruiting, engaging, developing, retaining, and advancing a diverse workforce of right-fit talent for the County. As a steward and facilitator of the talent strategy, OTMA provides employees and supervisors with a wide range of resources, including talent sourcing and streamlined, automated and innovative recruiting and hiring processes. 

 OTMA has five (5) major program areas:

  1. Background and Compliance   administers and manages the County’s employment suitability programs to include:
    1. Public Safety Investigations 
    2. Pre-employment Background Screenings
    3. Pre-employment Medical Examinations
    4. Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace Program
  2. Classification and Compensation – manages the County’s position classification and salary/wage program.
  3. Entrance and Promotional Examinations – administers and manages proficiency and promotional examinations for public safety and administrative positions.
  4. Talent Acquisition – manages recruitment and hiring for County agencies.
  5. Youth@Work and Summer Youth Enrichment Program – manages the County Executive’s Summer Youth Enrichment Program providing job readiness training and paid summer employment at government, nonprofit and business worksites.