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OHRM Service Directory

The Office of Human Resources Management provides many services to the County's workforce, retired employee population, and job applicants. Contact our teams directly using the service directory below. If you have questions, please contact or 301-883-6330.

Benefits, Pensions, and Retirement Services 

Benefits Administration Employee Health Benefits/COBRA Administration/Death ClaimsManaging all aspects of Temporary Continuation of Coverage for separated
Retirement Administration Retirement ProcessingExecuting all County Government retirements and death
Pension and Retirement Services Supporting the Public Safety Retirement, Medical Advisory and Disability BoardProviding assistance during the hearings for Public Safety
Pension and Retirement Services Health and Retirement Plan ManagementRunning all aspects of the County's Government workforce's Pension and Supplemental Retirement 301-883-6390
Pension and Retirement Services Deferred Compensation Program Management Enrollment, questions, or changes to 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan, or 401(a) Retirement Savings

 Office of the Director

Occupational Medical Services Disability Leave Insurance ManagementRunning all aspects of the County Government workforce's Disability Leave Insurance 301-883-6344
Communications and Wellness Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Referrals EAP questions and critical 
Occupational Medical Services Leave Donation Approvals Pre-employment evaluations, disability case management, and the promotion of occupational medical services to the
Occupational Medical Services Family and Medical Leave Act AdministrationManaging all aspects of FMLA claims including answering employee questions, verifying agency approved FMLA hours, and when applicable working with the Office of  Finance Payroll Services to ensure accurate employee access and reporting of FMLA hours. Also includes data analysis of trends.
OHRM Agency HR Liaison Executive/Exempt Service HiringHiring the County Government's executive leadership and positions excepted from competitive hiring
Communications and Wellness Health and Wellness ProgrammingWellness programs include activities such as exercise, weight-loss competitions, educational seminars, tobacco-cessation programs and health screenings that are designed to help employees eat better, lose weight and improve their overall physical
Director's Office Ask the Director Communications directly to the Director of
Communications and Wellness MPIA/FOIA  SupportResponding to Freedom of Information Act requests from the
OHRM IT and Fiscal Services Technical (Processing) Assistance (Human Capital Technology/SAP/NEOGOV)SAP/NEOGOV technical assistance including error messages, creating reports, and escalation of errors to

People Operations


Core HR Division

Core HR 

Credentialing (issuing and revoking badges)

  • Issuing/ Revoking County ID badges

Core HR 

Employee Information Requests 

  • Unemployment Verification Requests & Reporting

Core HR 

Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

  • Onboarding Documentation Processing
  • Employee Onboarding & Support (Temporary and Permanent Employees)
  • Offboarding Documentation Processing

Core HR 

Leave Management

  • Kronos Support
  • Prior Service Credit Calculation

Core HR 


  • Information Request
  • Legal Request for Employee Information (Lawyers/Subpoenas)
  • Reporting requests

Core HR 

Salary Adjustment Processing

  • Acting/Detail Pay
  • COLA Pay Processing
  • Incentive Award Program Requests
  • Merit Pay Processing
  • Military Leave/Supplement Pay
  • Position Grade Level Increase

Core HR 

SAP Support and Position Management

  • Agency Reassignments
  • Probationary Extension Requests
  • Promotions/Demotions
  • SAP Action Changes/Errors
  • Separations: Resignations, 
  • Terminations, Retirements
     Status Changes

HR Service Management Unit

HR Service ManagementRecords Management 
  • Expungement Requests
  • Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness Requests
  • Verifications of Employment (VOE) Requests
  • Personnel File Management
  • Process Performance Appraisal Submissions 

HR Service Management 

Policy Management and Strategic Planning 

  • Managing updates necessary to the Personnel/Administrative Procedures
  • Policy development, amendment, and guidance/interpretation of County personnel regulations contained in the Personnel Law/Administrative/Personnel Procedures 

HR Service Management 

Telework and Alternative Work Arrangement (AWA) Program Management 

Managing all aspects of the County Government's Telework and AWS programs including: 

  • Guidance on questions related to AWA
  • Revising policies as needed
  • Identifying usage trends.

Learning, Performance, and Organizational Development (LPOD) Division

Learning, Performance, and Organizational Development

Employee Engagement Programming

  • Providing support for employee engagement, morale, and effectiveness of the County Government workforce through programming.

Learning, Performance, and Organizational Development

Employee Performance Management

Management of OHRM's Employee Performance Management system including: 

  • Customer care
  • Training
  • Reporting
  • Managing all aspects of the County Government's personnel performance management platform. 

Learning, Performance, and Organizational Development

Learning and Development Programs

  • Coursework designed and/or led by Learning and Development, including vendor-led training.

Learning, Performance, and Organizational Development 

Training Administration Records

Managing all aspects of Learning and Development except for instruction itself including: 

  • Customer registration calls,
  • Requesting training materials
  • Providing training via the online County Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning, Performance, and Organizational Development

Organizational development (e.g., change management, needs assessments, culture change, etc.) and consulting

  • Guidance and advising for agencies on organizational structure and processes.

Recruitment, Examination, and Classification

Talent Acquisition and ComplianceDrug and Alcohol Enforcement ComplianceDrug and Alcohol Enforcement Compliance/Reasonable Suspicion/ Random
Examination, Classification, and Compensation Position classification and managementJob classification is a system for objectively and accurately defining and evaluating the duties, responsibilities, tasks, and authority level of a job.
Examination, Classification, and Compensation Compensation ManagementAligning employee compensation with internal and industry standards and
Talent Acquisition and ComplianceRecruitment and Staffing ServicesRecruiting and hiring the County Government's managerial and non-managerial personnel according to the dictates of the County Government's hiring 
Talent Acquisition and CompliancePre-Placement/Pre-Employment Pre-placement drug/alcohol and medical
Public Safety InvestigationsEmployee Background Check ComplianceEnsuring that County Government employees pass a criminal background 301-883-6330
Early Talent & Pipeline DevelopmentSummer Youth Enrichment Program (SYEP)Questions concerning application, job training, start/end dates, work assignments,
ExaminationExaminations Promotional testing /Oral Board Schedules/Rosters, Testing Schedules/
Public Safety InvestigationsEmployee Background Check ComplianceRevised Hiring Standards, Reviewing our approach to our candidate screening 301-883-6330
Public Safety InvestigationsEmployee Background Check ComplianceEnsuring that County Government employees pass a criminal background 301-883-6330