Online Permit Services

New Online Permit and License Portal

Get your electronic permit (ePermits) started at the ePermits Online Portal. You will see the image shown above for a variety of Online Permits, including Site/Road, Floodplain, Lodging Establishments, Public Pool and Spa, and Temporary Food Facility Permits.

For those who need to access ePlan, please read the below paragraph "Online & ePlan Applications" and remember to click to add ePlan (ProjectDox software) to your favorites at the bottom of the ProjectDox Login screen. For those customers returning to ePlan, you may click directly on the ePlan link.

Short-Term Rental License Information

New Short-Term Rental License information is available on the Short-Term Rentals (STR) page.


  • For the Online Electrical Permit, you will need a scanned, color copy of the latest Master's Electrician License (wallet card) and a scanned, color copy of the Master's Driver's License. You will also need to submit a copy of the “Electronic Signature Acknowledgement Form (PDF).”
  • For the Online Mechanical Permit, you will need a scanned, color copy of the latest HVACR MD State issued License AND a scanned, color copy of the Master's Driver's License. You will also need to submit a copy of the “Electronic Signature Acknowledgement Form (PDF).”

These helpful online tools will be invaluable in making the permit and inspections process faster. See what is available in the comfort of your home or office. Check back soon for new Web-based tools that are being developed for your ease.

Applying for a Permit Online

Use the link for ePermits and enter all requested information into the system. Once all the information is entered, including the case name/type and all other applicable information is filled out, the case will be sent to processing. Once processed, you will receive an email from a supervisor in the Permit Center stating that you are ready to come in and proceed with your case unless you have chosen to proceed within the ePlan process (see below).

Online & ePlan Applications

Online Application System

All users may fill out an online application by electronically entering information on an online form, as opposed to handwriting the information on a paper application. Once the application is completed, one of the following must be done for the application to be processed: continue the process by bringing paper plans to the Permit Center for review; or continue the process by submitting digital plans online through the ePlan system, which is more convenient. You will receive an email from "" with instructions on how to upload your plans; please remember to configure your email spam filters to accept email from this address. An "ePlan Applicant Quick Start Guide (PDF)" is available, as well as an "ePlan User Guide (PDF)."  If you need assistance, please send an e-mail to

If one of the above steps is not completed, the application will not be processed.

The online application is an option if submitting paper plans, but it is required if submitting plans electronically through ePlan. Questions may be referred to the Permit Center at 301-636-2050.  Inquiries regarding ePlan submissions may be emailed to our office.

All ePlan post revision requests should be sent to The request should include an attached written narrative with a detailed work description along with a list of the project-related revised drawings or documents.  All post revisions of projects initially approved through ePlan must go through the ePlan process.


ProjectDox/ ePlan is going through an upgrade to Version 9.1.  We are currently experiencing several technical issues. Therefore, please keep track of your changes to existing cases going forward.  To help you navigate through the program, our staff has created an "ePlan New Features Quick Guide."  Also, Avolve has created a more detailed "ePlan User Guide."

If you are experiencing issues with seeing or reviewing your design(s)  in their Drawing Folders  or unable to view Reports, review your Internet Trust/Permission settings and Firewall settings.  Please review the attached "Implementing ProjectDox (ePlan) v. 9" guide with your IT Team or Provider.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.  For questions or concerns, please call (301) 636–2066.

Fee:  All post revision commercial projects that include revisions or changes to the drawings will be assessed a $525.00 fee, and all post revision commercial projects that do not include revisions or changes to the drawings will be assessed a $78.75 fee.  All post revision residential projects will be assessed a $105.00 fee.  Additional fees may be assessed during the post revision review process.

The point of contact throughout the eplan online process will be the applicant that completes the online application. Therefore, we encourage all applicants working within the same company to utilize a generic email address and password during the completion of the online application. In the event that the applicant leaves the company, the company will be required to provide the contact information of the new applicant. The contact information of the new applicant can be sent to

Permit Information

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