Food Safety, Permits & Inspections


COVID-19 UPDATE: Restaurant Reopening

Prince George’s County has created a multi-agency workgroup to assist restaurants with the reopening and is expediting necessary approvals and permits for expanded outdoor table service. For more information about this permit and to complete an application, please visit:

Please be advised, effective June 20, 2020, all plans are required to be submitted electronically. Refer to the e-plan Applicant User guide for instructions on how to submit plans.  If you need assistance call:

  • Environmental Engineering/Policy Program | Phone: 301-883-7681
  • Food Protection/Policy Program | Phone: 301-883-7692
  • DPIE Health Review  | Phone: 301-883-7621

Licensing & Permits

For licensing and permits apply online using the Momentum website.

License & Permit Fees

For a list of license and permit fees, go to DPIE's licensing fees (PDF) or Permitting Bonds & Fees (PDF).

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