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Change in Govolution Fees

Effective April 18, 2020, the Govolution servicing fees for ACH, credit and debit card payment processing were revised as follows:

  • eCheck/ACH payments will incur a servicing fee of $1.50.
  • Visa Consumer Debit Transactions will incur a flat rate service fee of $3.95.
  • All other Credit & Debit card transactions will incur a service fee of 2.45% of the payment amount.

Please verify payment information before submitting.  Visit ePayments to make online payments.

Mandatory Retaining Wall Notice for online permit applications

Licenses and Permits Expiration Dates Extended

In accordance with the March 12, 2020 “Order of the Governor of the State of Maryland Extending Certain Licenses, Permits, Registrations, and Other Governmental Authorizations, and Authorizing Suspension of Legal Time Requirements,” the expiration date of certain licenses, permits, registrations, or other authorizations issued by the Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement (DPIE) is hereby extended to the 30th day after the Governor’s termination of the current state of emergency and catastrophic health emergency. This automatic extension applies to any license, permit, registration, or other authorization that would otherwise expire during the state of emergency and that would otherwise be renewable under applicable laws and regulations. The automatic extension also includes permit applications that would expire during the state of emergency.

Under the Order, the new expiration date of any affected license, permit, registration, or authorization will be dependent on action taken by the Governor and cannot be precisely determined at this time. However, once the Governor has terminated the state of emergency and rescinded the catastrophic health emergency, DPIE will post the new expiration date on this website.

In the meantime, all parties are encouraged to use DPIE’s online services to renew licenses, permits, registrations, and other authorizations during this period of modified operations. For questions, please contact 301-636-2050 or e-mail the following:


Building Permit Fee Multiplier Adjustment

Effective July 1, 2019, the Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement will change the building permit fee multiplier used for new building construction and additions.

The new formula will be calculated by using the Building Valuation Data (BVD) issued by the International Code Council dated February 2019. The International Code Council updates the BVD table bi-annually; however, Prince George’s County will update the fee multiplier annually.

The BVD table provides the “average” construction costs per square foot, when calculating permit fees for new construction and additions within a jurisdiction. The 2015 International Building Code gives instructions concerning permit fee schedules in Section 109.2 and building permit valuations in Section 109.3.  Permit applications submitted prior to the effective date will be calculated by the appropriate BVD.

For additional information or questions regarding this Notice, please contact Mr. Bellur Ravishankar, Associate Director, Building Plan Review Division at 301-636-2070.


New Requirement for Use & Occupancy Permits

Effective January 11, 2018, applications submitted for
Use and Occupancy Permits will be required to be submitted with the following documentation.   

  • Signed lease agreement between owner and tenant;


  • Signed letter of authorization from owner on the owner’s letterhead indicating the tenant’s name; the name of the business and the type (use) of business that the owner is authorizing to use the space.  The letter of authorization has to be signed and dated by the property owner with contact information.  If the owner of the property is a business entity, i.e., LLC, the owner must include the entity’s name and be signed by the authorized member of the entity.  The tenant's and the owner's business must be registered and In Good Standing with the State of Maryland.

If you have any questions, please contact the Permitting and Licensing Division at 301-636-2050.


MHIC Procedure

Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC) license holders are required to follow the procedure indicated below:

Maryland State Government logo

• Submit a letter on company letterhead from the MHIC licensed contractor indicating:  MHIC license number; date of letter; MHIC licensed contractor’s name and signature; and list of person(s) authorized to obtain permits with their license.  

• The identification of each contractor and their designee will be verified to ensure validity of license and authorization by the MHIC licensed contractor.

Should you have any questions regarding this notice, please call 301-636-2050.

Homeowners and Mega Projects Suite, phone of counter with people being helped by receptionist

Homeowner and Mega Projects Suite Change

Please note the Homeowners and Mega Projects Suite has had a phone number change. To reach the Homeowners and Mega Projects Suite, please dial 301-636-2050.

Application Requirement for New Commercial Building Construction Projects

Plans for ALL NEW commercial building construction projects are required to be submitted through the County’s electronic plan review system (ePlan).

Visit Online Permit Services on DPIE’s website to: access the online portal, submit building permit application(s) directly into the County’s Permitting System, and select the ePlan option on the application so plans can be electronically submitted for review. For those customers returning to ePlan, you may click directly on the ePlan link.
Training for using the ePlan system is provided on the third Thursday of every month and may be scheduled through Robin McLean at ePlan user guides are available at

If you have any questions, please contact the Permitting and Licensing Division at 301-636-2050, or send an e-mail.

Building Permit Applications Completed Online

Building Permit applications must be completed online; enter the information directly into the County’s Permitting System; and print three (3) copies of the computer-generated application prior to visiting the Permits Center. (Printers are NOT available onsite for customers.)

Revisions and applications for blocks of Building Permits that include more than four (4) case numbers will continue to be accepted for processing using the appropriate forms (i.e., Application for Building Plan Examination and Permit, Transmittal, Sign Permit Application and/or Volume Form).

If you have questions about the process, please call 301-636-2050.

Permit Types

The Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement (DPIE) issues the following types of permits: residential building, commercial building, building trade, use and occupancy, temporary use and occupancy, raze, signs and site/road permits.

Permit Requirements

Depending on the type of permit, you are required to have 3 site plans and 3 sets of building plans. For Use and Occupancy and cases that do not need building plans, you still are required to have 3 site plans.

Permits are required for all construction projects, as well as for installation or construction of:
  • Antennae
  • Billboards
  • Carports
  • Certain Fences
  • Chairlifts
  • Chimneys
  • Escalators
  • Installation or renovation of certain electrical devices and wiring
  • Swimming Pools
  • Wood Burning Stoves

Structural and site plans must be submitted with a permit application in order to move the permit process forward.


Fees associated with each type of permit vary and can be found on the Bonds and Fees page.

Data Prince George's

For those looking for permit records or permit types, you may search Data Prince George's, the County's Open Data Portal, which has a full listing of residential and commercial permits dating back to July 2013.